Nesta is a dynamically developing company operating on the market since 2017. We specialize in the production and modernization of equipment and components made of carbon steel and acid-resistant steel of very high quality which are used in the construction, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetics industries.

Professional team:

We provide you with knowledge and experience. The source of our success are people. A carefully selected team of employees is characterized by reliability and professionalism. To best serve you, we are still deepening our knowledge about products and services from our offer

Machine park:

We have machines and devices enabling the production of elements / structures from cutting through bending, turning, milling, welding up to painting, which allows us to comprehensively perform our services as soon as possible

Production range:
– elements of production lines
– elements and complete installations for the transport of loose materials
– machine components / powder micronization machines
– elements of gas networks
– labeling machines
– automatic fillers
– atypical stainless steel fittings
– stainless pipes and other installations
– belt conveyors
– platforms, platforms, frames and stainless handrails
– stainless pumping stations
– reductions and stainless cones used in pressure and non-pressure installations
– stainless steel gastronomy / shop shelves
– unloading cabinets
– stainless steel or construction steel big-bag unloading stations
– stainless steel catering / store tables
– pressure and non-pressure stainless steel tanks